Teaching Chinese - Allendale East Area School Visit

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Chinese - Language Partnership Program Schools

On Thursday 16 March, Lan Zhang the Chinese Teacher visited the Foundation Class to the Years 7-8 classes at Allendale East Area School. While Chinese lessons are typically conducted online through Open Access using Promethian boards, the in-person visit from Lan was highly anticipated and greatly appreciated.

During Lan’s visit the Primary classes had the opportunity to make Chinese Rattling Drums. The students excitedly decorated their drums by hand and the results were delightful.

The years 5-6 class students were particularly appreciative of Lan's visit and have shared some of their positive feedback:

  • Lily W - My favourite part was when we finished the rattling drums, because we could make lots of noise.
  • Daisee S - It was challenging saying the Chinese words out loud.
  • Oliver F - I found writing characters on a paper plate challenging because you want to give it your all and best effort.
  • Zoe V - My favourite part of the lesson was when we were writing the characters, as we got to pick which characters we wrote. I picked tú as it is rabbit.
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Last updated: 17 April 2023