North East Hub Group's Hiragana Competition


On Thursday 2nd November 2017 Open Access College participated in the North East Hub Group’s Hiragana Competition at Redwood Park Primary School. Year 5 student Jade, Year 6 student Ollie and Year 7 students Taj and Isabelle formed our OAC team. Not only did they work very well together, they got into the spirit of the day and encouraged each other.

In between rounds we participated in janken pon (rock, paper scissors) and also tried out the silly but fun ‘Algorhythm Dance’ to get us moving about. These games also got students meeting and interacting with peers from various participating schools: Greenwith, One Tree Hill, Keithcot Farm, Para Hills West, Gawler, Craigmore South, Para Hills P-7 and Redwood Park.

Our OAC students then enjoyed the challenge of working with other schools again in the ‘bun game’, which involved working together to make Japanese sentences from all the mixed up cards. This activity allowed our students to demonstrate excellent group work skills, and discuss their knowledge and understanding about Japanese language.

Other than getting into the competitive spirit and showing off their hiragana skills, other highlights of the day included getting a lucky dip prize and enjoying a delicious sushi morning tea at the end.

This competition is held by the North East Hub Group every year. Please come a long next year and give it a go!

Christina Challinger & Rayna Pryce Year 5/6 & 7/8 Japanese Teachers

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Last updated: 22 March 2018