OAC's Wellbeing Theme for February is Resilience


Welcome back to school everyone!

The wellbeing team want to offer our support and thoughts to those of you who had a tough summer, whether that was due to the recent bushfires, drought or other stressors on you and your family.

The wellbeing of our community can be nurtured through challenging times using strategies that build resilience. But what is resilience? We tell the students we work with that it’s like being “a bouncy ball”. When problems throw you to the floor, you use the skills you have to bounce back up again.

Have a look at this link from SDERA to find out more: Creating Resilient Kids Together (pdf)

We will be featuring information and resources throughout February so keep your eye on our wellbeing and Facebook pages.

OAC Wellbeing Team

Last updated: 20 February 2020