Open Access College Student Story - Primary student from country SA identifying as ATSI – school attendance minimal

Student referred by Whyalla Stuart Primary School in term 1, 2018.

• Medical condition which needs to be managed from home

• Learner capability was unknown as student had never attended F2F school or officially been enrolled in home schooling

• Limited literacy and numeracy displayed at a home visit from Student Wellbeing Leader

Began the year late in term 1 as a result of his medical condition.

The student has been well supported in education by his father and this has continued with the OAC enrolment. Initial assessment indicated gaps in literacy and numeracy. The student was recommended for Intensive Reading (4 x 20 minute sessions per week). He began at level 5 and has now reached level 10. Running Records indicated reading level 9 with 98% accuracy and current instructional level is 10.

In lesson he is confident to undertake work and is confident talking to small or large groups. His father’s support has eased the student through transition from no schooling to a daily routine of education. The gaps are closing quickly.

Plans are to place the student in a year 3 or 4 class next year based on progress.

Strategy of assessment and appropriate placement along with extra support targeted to areas of identified need. A collaborative partnership between teachers and parents has underpinned success.

The Student Wellbeing Leader worked closely with the family and teachers to ensure a successful transition to school was achieved.

Last updated: 04 August 2020