Open Access College Student Story - Senior years student

Student referred by CAMHS Adolescent Outreach Service in 2014

• Social anxiety and self-doubt

• Behaviour issues

• Nonattendance and engagement in education

• Achievement stalled

It was three terms of working with the Youth Worker before there was significant change and willingness to engage with the mentor, and then it was unpredictable.

“T”’s commitment to achieve goals was low and coincided with low interest in education; however a long term goal to study science at university remained.

“T” began with small co-created projects based on student interest and aspirations around Science.

By the end of the year there was evidence of interest to complete SACE despite ongoing personal barriers.

In the second year “T” initiated a plan that included a graduated transition to Marden Senior College. “Sick of feeling stuck and annoyed with self for letting so much time slip in achieving education wanted”.

Issues remain but “T” has the ability to manage those with the support of youth worker.

Learning became more student directed and integrated to accommodate the transition. Google Drive enabled greater efficiencies in support for work. Enrolled in Science with Marden Senior College during semester 2 while continuing Educational Skills Development Certificate I and Flexible Learning and Transition Plan. Student supported to attend an enrolment appointment, use public transport and enter F2F classes.

“T”’s support by mentor and youth worker has continued throughout the year to assist the transition.

Learning is connected with future aspirations in Science. “T” organised an enrolment appointment with Marden Senior College to discuss subjects and pathways for 2016 and beyond. Three subjects were selected – Stage 2 Geology, Stage 1 English and Stage 1 Maths. In 2017 “T” moved to a TAFE pathway (Laboratory Technician) with the intent of transferring credit to a university undergraduate program.

Attendance rates 2014 – 63%, 2015 – 98% and 2016 – 98%.

An effective strategy has been partnering with the student to develop an environment of trust in which self-efficacy and connectedness active engagement and participating in their learning are increased.

Last updated: 04 August 2020