Reflection on Doughnut Economics by Aida (8A Central Studies)


Students in Year 8 have spent Term 2 exploring sustainability and the related global issues that influence it. This unit has included cross-curriculum work in Science, Health, History and English.

Based on the Australian documentary: 2040, students watched on Clickview and built a 7-part Reflective Journal on Google Classroom. The final entry was a reflection on Doughnut Economics.

Aida’s journal was amongst many that demonstrated the very rich learning that took place. Aida is considering a career pathway in Accommodation and Hospitality, where she could challenge the problems of plastic waste, food waste and energy consumption. Our world is in capable hands with the next generation of young people. Well done, Aida!

- 8A CS Teachers

By Aida:

This illustration (below) is showing a delicate and regenerative lifestyle that is important for this Earth to thrive. The world is built on many things which are important for people to keep peace. When you have all these things then you can be content. But not many people are. We want more. But this has repercussions. We overshoot and then our world cannot handle all the demands we are making. This results in climate change, ocean acidification, chemical pollution, nitrogen and phosphorus loading, fresh water withdrawing, land conversion, bio diversity loss, air pollution and ozone layer depletion.

The need to grow and become more is seen everywhere. We see celebrities and lots of people think that they need to become like them. Rich and famous but in actual fact most of those celebrities still feel constant pressure to be more than they are. This need for more is not just economical but it can affect our health and our self-esteem which will get us nowhere.

When I see this image I think of a world where everything is so much simpler. If nobody is under constant pressure to grow and make everything bigger then everything would be so much simpler. You work hard to make what you need and you could be content with that.


Raworth, K. 2012. A safe and just space for humanity Can We Live Within the Doughnut? Oxfam Discussion Paper.

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Last updated: 22 July 2020