Science Alive Expo

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The Science Alive Excursion involves and challenges students in a noisy, exciting, interactive environment. Here’s what some of our year 10 students thought.

I found it fun and informative not only in the science prac type of area but walking around and finding out about a lot of stem areas. I found it great that some stalls had activities where if you answered a question about that area you would get a small prize like a pen. Overall it was a great experience - Skye

I thought it was great! I really enjoyed being able to meet some people from my classes. I liked how everything was interactive and we got to go around to the areas in our own time - Jasmine

I thought it was fantastic! I got to learn stuff and meet others - Erin

It was tremendously thrilling to be able to get deeper insight into a wide variety of professions linked to science. The experience was also a great evidence of the importance of science not only in particular occupations but in our everyday lives as well - Sahar

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Last updated: 14 September 2018