Stand Up Tall was an eye-opening experience


“It was an eye opening experience and I learnt how to be more open and confident.” – Harley (OAC student)

Stand Up Tall, an inspirational session for students, drew on diverse leaders in our world from hip hop artists to Nelson Mandela. As these people through actions, words and deeds they have truly inspired.

The session drew student awareness of the benefits of how to be:

  • Physically grounded and confident
  • Emotionally articulate and authentic
  • Mentally attuned and alert
  • Aware of a sense of purpose

As all inspirational people are.

Students from Open Access College, Marden Senior College and Marryatville High school as well as staff from both senior colleges were challenged and inspired by these sessions from Ben Walden the creator of Stand up Tall.

Other comments:

"Ben talking us through analysing the character traits really made me reflect on my teaching and learning practices and where I sit as a learner. It has made me think about where I am currently am, where I want to move to and what I need to do to get there" – teacher

"I found it very inspiring" – student

"I needed to go for a quiet walk after the session there were so many thoughts racing around in my brain" – teacher

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Last updated: 05 September 2019