State Constitutional Convention

State Const Conv

Four students who are located at 4 different schools however all completing Stage 1 Legal Studies at OAC participated in the SA State Constitutional Convention. This was held at Parliament House on Thursday October 26

All students found this to be highly engaging comments included….

The State Constitutional Convention was an amazing and informing experience. It allowed us to better understand a current legal issue, whether Australia should become a referendum, whilst meeting new people with similar interests. It allowed us to experience what it would be like in parliament and express our opinions on current issues.

...The convention was an awesome experience where I was able to meet with many like-minded people for debate and discussion. I was impressed at the high-level quality content of the talks we listened to. My favourite part was getting into the groups to argue for our points……I found the day a valuable and enjoyable experience, particularly listening to the Constitutional Law experts present their arguments for and against Australia becoming a Republic. It was also a good opportunity to network with students from other schools who have a similar interest in parliament and the legal system.

The Constitutional Convention in Parliament House and was extremely interesting (Mostly because I love having a lively debate, and this certainly had that). This speakers did a great job explaining what a constitution is and why it would need to be amended to make Australia a republic. At the convention, we covered many areas within the constitution and has some lively debate and discussion within our groups. It was really cool to see so many young people interested in the same area as I am. I personally was a little daunted by how any people were in the chamber room but got over it quick enough once the debating began. I recommend that other young people get involved for next year’s Constitutional Convention as I had a great time.

Last updated: 22 March 2018