Student Achiever - Brooke


Year 12 student Brooke is our newest student achiever. She has impressed her teachers with her willingness to work hard and has achieved fantastic results. Last year we were lucky enough to feature some of her magnificent artwork that she has created in her time at OAC.

Read below to hear from Brooke about her experience at OAC and enjoy some of her artwork.

Brooke's Experience at OAC

Studying at OAC has been a life changer for me. Being able to work from the comfort of my own home has helped me with recovering from the anxiety and overstimulation that comes with working in a traditional classroom environment. At OAC, I feel like I can thrive. It is the right place for me and my learning.

Learning how to use online tools such as WebEx and Moodle can seem challenging at first, but you get the hang of them quite quickly. I love how they make your learning experience much more organised compared to the chaos and mess that comes with a classroom environment. A smaller class size also works wonders for those who have trouble focusing due to the noise and distractions in a 30 student classroom. It is nice and quiet with nothing to disturb the peace.

Communication with teachers outside of lesson time is as easy as sending an email or calling a phone number. Response times are quite quick, with teachers getting back to you within a few minutes at the earliest or a few hours at the latest. The staff at OAC are very friendly and always have your best interest in mind. They are always willing to listen to you and help you with whatever you may need assistance with.

OAC is a wonderful alternative to mainstream schooling, whether your reasoning may be dissatisfaction with traditional schools, long distance education, medical reasons etcetera. Studying here has helped me develop my skills, knowledge and character in ways that I couldn't have achieved elsewhere. It has given me freedom and allowed me to fully flourish and shine my true colours. I am very grateful for my experience at OAC, and I am grateful for the opportunities OAC will give to the future generations.

Last updated: 16 February 2021