Student Achiever - Joanna Hanley


At Open Access College, we acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of our students. Each year we feature the stories of some of our high-achieving students, who come from a variety of circumstances. Here is Joanna's story...

My name is Joanna

I live at home in the Adelaide Hills, located about 2 minutes away from the beautiful Belair National Park. I live with my parents, older brother, younger brother and younger sister. I was home-schooled right from day one, alongside my siblings and couldn’t dream of it being any other way! I love to spend my free time doing activities such as baking, reading and hanging out with friends – however, I also love to try new and exciting things whenever I get the opportunity!

My experience at OAC

I began my studies with OAC as a keen year 8 student, studying music and French. These two subjects continued through to year 10 when I commenced full time study in 2016. In what seemed like no time at all, I graduated from OAC in 2018 with my SACE and an ATAR under my belt! Personally, I believe that the flexibility OAC offers, along with the ever-present and wonderful support I received from my teachers, is what helped me to achieve my goals. I feel that Open Access College allows individuals anywhere, to learn and grow in an environment that is encouraging and supportive, and free from the peer-pressure and expectations that society often lays upon us.


At the commencement of 2019, I was accepted into the University of South Australia to study a Bachelor of Midwifery. I feel that as I head out into the university world, I not only have the academic skills I require, but because of the way both home-schooling and OAC works, I am already somewhat equipped in knowing the importance (and hard work) involved in self-driven and motivated study.

I am so thankful for the encouragement and support of the teachers at Open Access College and overall, the opportunities that OAC has given me!

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Last updated: 06 June 2019