Student Achiever - Tarah

Well done Tarah

Tarah came to Open Access College at the beginning of 2021. Since arriving she has consistently impressed her class teachers - here is what they had to say about her achievements.

From Nicole Thomas -

Tarah joined our TLC class in Term 1 and despite being understandably nervous she quickly established herself as a friendly and trusted member of our class who all students look up to.

She’s adapted well to a dynamic and ever-evolving cohort of students and treats everyone with respect and dignity. She is a gentle presence in the class and listens to other students about their interests and has formed positive relationships with all members of the class.

In Term 3 Tarah set herself a personal goal, to turn her camera on in her 1:1 Literacy Support Lessons. Rather than just achieving this goal, she took it one step further and surprised us all. She turned her camera on to share some photos with a new student to our class.

She should be very proud of her achievements and reflect on them as a source of motivation for future academic and personal goals.

From Kieran Hodgson -

Tarah has consistently impressed me with her positive outlook and willingness to challenge herself. I have seen Tarah develop significantly this year, overcoming academic barriers, life challenges, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

She remains the only student I have ever had who suggested and then organised a second lesson time each week because she enjoyed the first so much. This attitude, and her friendly, bright personality will serve her very well into the future.

Well done Tarah, keep up the good work!

Last updated: 07 December 2021