Student Achievers - Elizabeth


My name is Elizabeth. I am aged 26 and currently residing in Adelaide. Throughout this year I have undertaken full time study through Open Access College, while balancing this workload with my role as an Avionics Technician in the Royal Australian Air Force.

My experience at OAC...

As part of my occupation, I am regularly deployed to all sorts of locations within Australia, and overseas. Due to the frequency of these trips, I was unable to attend normal set classes, and required the flexibility of attending classes via online participation.

The teachers at Open Access College were able to provide me with flexibility to attend classes where I was able, and were eager to provide additional support whenever it was required. I took on the challenge of full time study this year in order to further progress my Air Force career. Having my High School Certificate, and an ATAR, will allow me the opportunity to embark on additional study, and build on the core skills I already process.

This year has not been an easy year, and required a large amount of organisation, and self discipline on my part. My social life, for instance, had to always come second to study. This was not an easy feat, but with the understanding and support of my friends, workplace and partner, I was able to successfully complete my High School Certificate.

And today...

This year, I have had the opportunity to work with engineers and experience the type of work I could undertake in the future. The Air Force provides numerous opportunities to undertake advanced study, in several fields, and I will be participating in this process to further develop my current knowledge.

Last updated: 07 September 2020