Student Achievers - Jack Hadinata

Jack Hadinata


I’m an eighteen-year-old amateur artist based in Bali, Indonesia. After attending Australian International School for most of my primary and high school years, I switched to OAC to complete year 11 and 12. I live with my mother and have 2 older sisters. My interests include painting, drawing and photography.


Despite attending Australian International School since year 4 as I approached senior high school I started to find it incredibly hard to cope in a busy school environment. At first I was unsure about leaving AIS and starting at OAC but as time passed I started to enjoy the subjects and appreciated the wonderful help the teachers gave to me.

Learning from OAC has been a great experience as I’ve been able to work at home, which felt more comfortable, as well as make my own timetable and working hours, which gave me a good sense of independence.

When I started Open Access in year 11, I took Biology, Mathematical Application, Personal Learning Plan, Art, Digital Manipulation and Research Practice. In year 12, I did Art, Photography, Business and Enterprise and Psychology. I completed my Research Project in year 12.


OAC was fantastic; all the teachers were so supportive, caring and kind. I developed good communication and relationships with the students and teachers despite not physically seeing each other. OAC made it very possible for me to not only work efficiently but to have a sense of flexibility and do well in all subjects and not feel the pressure that I did at my previous school.

This year I’m taking a gap year to sort myself out as well as concentrate on my art and photography. I have attended a few photography workshops. I also intend to travel taking my camera wherever I go. I’m excited about what’s ahead.

Last updated: 06 August 2020