Student Achievers - Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

My name is Kendall Jenner and I studied at Open Access College in 2014. I am from Renmark but am currently boarding in Adelaide to play soccer and to go to a new school.

I love learning and I am passionate about soccer.

My experience at OAC...

I started at OAC in the second semester of 2014 after I chose to move to Adelaide so that I could further my soccer career. I did all of my Year 11 though OAC in that semester and did better than I thought I would!

The subjects that I did were Physics, Chemistry, English Precommunications, Maths B and C and I did most of my Research Project. I achieved straight A’s in all of my subjects (excluding Research Project because I hadn’t finished it) and won multiple awards for it.

By doing these courses through OAC, I learnt a lot about managing my time, self-motivation and about finding resources on the internet such as YouTube and learning websites. These skills will be extremely helpful to me in the future.

And today...

Today, I am completing my Year 12 at Henley High School and I am doing Physics, Maths Studies, Specialist Maths and the Specialist Sports Program.

I also train four times a week for soccer and do extra practice at home. I very much enjoy school and I believe my self-motivation skills that I learnt at OAC will help me to complete this year successfully.

I want to go to University after school and study a course in one of the Sciences, specifically a Physics course. I also want to play for the Lady Reds, which is Adelaide’s women’s soccer team.

Last updated: 10 August 2020