Student Achievers - Tamasin Atkins

Tasmin Atkins

My name is Tamasin Atkins.

I live south of Adelaide with my parents, younger sister, small poodle, canary and my multiple stick insects, I like insects.

I am obsessed with sewing machines, particularly old ones and like to spend any spare time working on or sewing with them. Some of my other interests include photography, pattern design and maths.

My experience at OAC...

In 2013 after being mostly home schooled, I started year 11 at the Open Access College – albeit 5 weeks into term 1, as I took a lot of convincing that it was a good idea! I quickly discovered I really enjoyed maths and physics and would often spend way too long on them, sometimes at the expense of other subjects!

Studying at the OAC provided me with a very flexible environment, one which allowed me to continue my volunteer position of approximately 20 hours a week.

My biggest challenge is getting work in on time but despite this the teachers at OAC are really approachable, supportive and motivating. The lack of daily, physical, presence of teachers encourages organisation and self-discipline.

I found the extra freedom a real privilege and I believe that studying at the OAC better equips one for organising life outside of/after the college.

And today...

Last year I completed the first half of year 12 (doing it in two halves allowed me to keep volunteering and also to pick up an extra subject this year) and now I am preparing for the second half to start. I am hoping that this year will be less hectic and I may be able to find a part time job towards the end of the year.

Planning ahead is not something I like to indulge in, however it has occurred to me that after this year I may wish to continue studying maths in some form.

Last updated: 10 August 2020