Student Artwork Competition Winners!

Join us in congratulating the talented winners of our Christmas Card Competition! Their creativity and festive spirit have brought joy and warmth to Open Access College this holiday season.

Primary Years - ‘Sweet Tree’ by Winsome M (Year 6) & ‘World Festive Sweets Bento’ by Catherine S (Year 3)

Primary Years

Middle Years - ‘Sweet Family Traditions’ by Chelsea S (Year 9) & ‘A Plate of Good Cheer’ by Elodie W (Year 8)

Middle Years

Senior Years - ‘Where’s my House, Mouse?’ by Mischka S (Year 11) & ‘Sweet Holidays’ by Jessica C (Year 11)

Senior Years

Thank you to all participants for spreading the joy of the season through your beautiful and creative Christmas cards. We look forward to more festive celebrations in the future!

Last updated: 01 December 2023