Student Spotlight - Image Manipulation by Lachlan

In Years 9 and 10 Image Manipulation, students have been working on ‘The Clever and Absurd Project’ which makes comment on the random/unreal things in society and culture that sometimes cause us to chuckle and question life.

Lachlan created a range of Clever and Absurd scenes that sometimes take days and weeks to create, using existing and developing skills in Adobe Photoshop. The scenes start with a base image, and then are adjusted, textured, and ‘stitched’ together using the functionality of these programs, and Lachlan’s creative flair. The images featured in this article are only a snapshot of Lachlan’s wide range of digitally manipulated images.

Quote from Lachlan about his Image Manipulation and what he has enjoyed about it.

"These are Van Gogh oil paintings that incorporate manipulated images that I like to. I really liked exploring and messing around with Photoshop, this is mostly how I made all of my work’

Beth Schmidt

Last updated: 16 November 2023