The 3 Best Internet Safety Tips for Parents of the Digital Age


by Lee Watanabe-Crockett

From the Global Digital Citizen Foundation

A useful tool for any modern parent to have is a list of solid and simple Internet safety tips to both learn from and share. This means providing those concerned about technology usage with valuable and easy-to-understand advice for keeping their kids safe. We have just the thing right here called the 3Is of Internet Safety.

The Internet safety tips in this resource are covered in detail in our book Growing Global Digital Citizens. The foundation for providing parents with guidance for technology management is what we call the 3Is. In our work with schools and their wider communities, we don’t set out specific rules or laws for this. Instead, we offer a simple set of suggestions that can help parents make guidelines of their own.

The 3Is of Internet safety are a quick snapshot of what parents need to support and protect their children. Moreover, they are applicable to students of every age and grade level:

1. Informed:

Parents need a balanced perspective of technology use, and it’s important to present the positives and negatives. Technology is critical to learning and to the future of our students. Unfortunately, parents often see only a single side of the picture in the media.

2. Interested:

Become interested in your child’s learning and technology use. Look at their work, and have the child explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, and why it’s significant. This can lead to amazing discussions and identification of concerns, issues, or problems.

3. In View:

Keep devices out of bedrooms and in public spaces. Keeping all devices in view, while sometimes difficult, will help keep young people safe.

    Three Solid Internet Safety Tips for Every Parent

    These Internet safety tips will help you and your kids get the most out of your favourite devices. In addition, it will help you create a safe environment at home and anywhere. Download the infographic below.

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    Last updated: 18 July 2018