Trans Awareness Week 13-19 November

Transgender pride


Open Access College supports Trans Awareness Week!

Celebrate and stand with the trans and gender diverse community during Trans Awareness Week. This year might look a little different for some of us, but it’s the perfect time to educate yourself and those around you on what it means to be a trans ally – in person, or digitally.

What are pronouns? Helpful info from

Learning pronouns helps trans people

  • When we speak, we use gendered pronouns without even noticing,
  • eg. he/him, she/her, they/them.
  • You can’t always know someone’s pronouns by looking at them.
  • Using the wrong pronouns can cause anyone to feel disrespected.

Share your pronouns with others

  • Displaying your pronouns shows others you’ll respect theirs.
  • Try introducing your name with pronouns (“My name is Sarah, she/her”).
  • Try wearing your pronouns as a badge, or within your email signature.

Pronouns aren't always obvious

  • Use gender neutral pronouns (eg. they / them) when you’re unsure.
  • Never use ‘it’ to refer to other people.
  • Try creating an environment where others do the same lead by example!

It can take a bit to learn

  • If you make a mistake - don’t make a fuss. Correct yourself and move on.
  • Try gently correcting someone if they use the wrong pronouns, even if
  • the person they’re talking about is not around.
  • Remember: even small actions can make a big difference!

Learn more

Find out more about Trans Awareness Week here:

Last updated: 10 November 2021