Important Update on MS Teams Usage

MS Teams update

(Note this message does not apply to classes using WebEX as their teaching platform)

Dear Parents, Students, and School Coordinators,

We are writing to address some ongoing technical challenges experienced with Microsoft Teams, which is an integral part of our daily educational activities.

To improve the stability and performance of our online learning environment, we are implementing two key measures with immediate effect. We kindly request your cooperation in the following:

Switch to Classic/Old Teams: We have noticed that the classic version of Teams is currently more stable. Therefore, we ask everyone to use the classic version of Microsoft Teams for the foreseeable future. An instructional video is attached to this letter to guide you through switching to the classic Teams interface.

Restart Computers Every Morning: To ensure all updates are applied and potential glitches are cleared, we advise all users to restart their computers every morning before starting Teams. This simple step can often resolve common technical issues.

Action Steps for Students and Parents:

  • Watch the Video Link: Please take a look at the video with your child to understand how to switch to the classic version of Teams. The video is straightforward and should make the transition smooth and easy.
  • Restart the Computer: Make it a routine to restart your child's computer each morning before they log in to their first class.

Action Steps for School Coordinators:

  • Assist in Implementation: Please assist in monitoring compliance with these measures and offer support to parents and students as needed.
  • Check-In with Students: We encourage you to check in with your students periodically to make sure they have switched to the classic version of Teams and are restarting their computers daily.

Our collective effort in taking these steps will be invaluable in reducing the frequency of spontaneous technical issues that can disrupt the learning process. We are optimistic that these actions will enhance our staff and students' overall online learning experience.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Learning Technology team:

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Last updated: 07 March 2024