Well done Alex!

Well done great job

Alex is a year 10 student who has been with OAC since the beginning of the year. Open Access College teachers have been really impressed with how Alex is negotiating the tricky life of online learning, and the efforts she has made.

Alex joins many other students in going out of her comfort zone by participating in OAC groups, engaging with teachers and students in class and letting her personality shine through.

Matt says:

- In term 1 Alex successfully engaged in the Bounce excursion for year 10’s. She had a great time participating in the event and interacting with the other students.

Laurence says:

- Alex turned her camera on in Music and was very vocal. It was one of the rare occasions that students turned their cameras on and I was pleasantly surprised that Alex did as well. Also, since in lockdown she has participated in a few optional online groups.

Well done to Alex!

Last updated: 04 August 2021