Wellbeing Message for March: Calm Communication

OAC’s Wellbeing Messaging for March is all about the importance of calm communication. In these challenging times, talking through our stresses and worries is so important. But so is timing. The best communication happens at a time when everyone is calm and in control of their emotions because of the way our brains work when we are stressed. Big emotions create surges in stress hormones in your brain. It needs to act quickly to respond to the perceived threat and doesn’t have time for considered, logical thinking. Sometimes this leads to saying or doing something we may later recognise as a poor choice-and then we get more stressed!

At school we are teaching your children about their emotions and brains using the hand model of the brain. This is best described by Dr Dan Siegal in the following video, and might help your conversations to stay calm at home:

How to talk to your child about COVID-19

These are anxiety-producing times and, for some of our students who already experience anxiety, coronavirus will undoubtedly be impacting their wellbeing and that of your family. School TV have provided a brief, clear video that clearly steps out how to address the kinds of worries associated with all the media images saturating our screens. It includes tips on how to reduce their worries through factual, simple conversations while maintaining hope and a reassuring outlook.

Finally, it describes signs that your child’s anxiety might be interfering with their daily functioning. If this is the case, please contact your GP to discuss treatment options. If it is interfering with their studies, please contact your Student Wellbeing Leader via Student Services on 8309 3500.

OAC Student Wellbeing Team

Last updated: 17 March 2020