Year 9 Staff Limericks

Staff Limericks

The Year 9 English/Wellbeing teachers have been discussing humour and poetry with their classes, and challenged their students to write a funny limerick. A limerick is a form of poetry which contains five lines, and has a strict rhyme scheme where the first, second and fifth line rhyme, while the third and fourth lines are shorter and share a different rhyme.

Here are some examples that the Year 9 Teachers wrote about each other. Keep your eye out for future webpages including the student poems.

There was a Maths teacher named Paul,
Who thought that he was rather cool.
He went for the Crows
Coz he didn’t know
That Port were better with the football.

I know a great teacher named Jess,
Who helps me avoid heaps of stress
She’s leaving next week,
So I’m feeling bleak
But soon I will meet her princess.

There was a young teacher called Katie,
Many consider, just a bit crazy.
Her laugh is contagious,
Her style is outrageous,
And her effort is anything but lazy.

There once was a teacher named Paul,
Who was a huge fan of British football,
Some say it’s called soccer,
Others say ‘that aint occer!’
‘Who cares?!’ says Paul, ‘I love it all!’

There once was a lady who struggled with tech
She often had her buddy in a wreck
He was a wee ginger lad
Who overworked a tad
But she made him earn his pay-check.

There once was a maths teacher called Marsh
Who sometimes acted a little too harsh
But do not fear
He imitated Pia
And now no longer is he Marsh the harsh.

The best student group at OAC
Is the Middle years class of 9 E
Richard left for a wedding
Being alone, Krista was dreading
And then along came Kimberley.

There was a kind teacher named Steve
Who decided it was time to thieve
He stole a Maths book
Not a second look!
And then quickly decided to leave.

I teach with Adele
Who teaches really well
She’s always quite happy
And is not so snappy
She’s actually really swell!

Last updated: 23 August 2018