LevelStage 1
Learning AreaHASS
SemesterSemester 1
Pre requisitenone required
Additional CostsNone

Who is this course for?

Students interested in the study of human behaviour and how interactions shape the society we live in. No background knowledge is assumed.

What will I learn

Economics is the study of how resources are allocated so that goods and services are produced, distributed and exchanged to satisfy the needs and wants of society. You will learn how choices and human interactions shape the society we live in and develop economic thinking skills that allow you to make informed decisions in your daily lives.


  • The Economic Problem
  • Markets in action
  • Economics decision-making

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning through the following assessment types.

  • Folio - 2 tasks
  • Economic project to analyse an economic issue

Pre requisite

none required

Last updated: 01 July 2019