Information Processing B - Digital

LevelStage 1
Learning AreaTechnologies
SemesterSemester 2
Pre requisiteNone required
Additional CostsNone

Who is this course for?

Students who are interested in developing the practical skills required to create solutions to text-based communication tasks.

What will I learn

You will:

  • create both hard copy and electronic text-based publications and evaluate the development process
  • understand and apply the design process and layout principles to text-based tasks
  • analyse and evaluate the impact of social and/or ethical issues related to information processing and publishing technologies.


  • Personal Publishing
  • Digital Publishing

You will use MS PowerPoint and FrontPage to develop a range of digital presentations and web sites.

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning through the following assessment types.

  • Practical skills
  • Product and documentation
  • Issues analysis

Pre requisite

None required

Last updated: 25 January 2018