Physics B

LevelStage 1
Learning AreaScience
SemesterSemester 2
Pre requisitePhysics A assumed
Additional CostsWorkshop expense
SACE Credits10

Who is this course for?

Students interested in the fundamental scientific nature of the world.

It is assumed that students have a passing grade for Year 10 Mathematics which covers algebraic re-arrangement of formulae, trigonometry and trigonometric functions. Some scientific reporting skills are highly desirable.

What will I learn

You will:

  • apply science inquiry skills to design and conduct physics investigations, using appropriate procedures and safe, ethical working practices
  • obtain, record, represent, analyse, and interpret the results of physics investigations
  • evaluate procedures and results, and analyse evidence to formulate and justify conclusions
  • develop and apply knowledge and understanding of physics concepts in new and familiar contexts
  • explore and understand science as a human endeavour
  • communicate knowledge and understanding of physics concepts, using appropriate terms, conventions, and representations

Topics are:

  • Energy and Momentum
  • Waves and Light
  • Nuclear Models and Radioactivity

How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning assessed as Stage 1 through four tasks from the following assessment types:

  • Investigations Folio: At least one practical investigation and one investigation with a focus on science as a human endeavour.
  • Skills and Applications Tasks: At least one.

Pre requisite

Physics A assumed


Travel and any associated costs to attend recommended workshops are the responsibility of the student. It is recommended that students have their own Graphics Calculator.

Last updated: 26 July 2018