German Beginners

LevelStage 2
Learning AreaLanguages
SemesterFull Year
Pre requisiteSuccessful completion of Stage 1 German Beginners
Additional CostsNone
SACE Credits20

Who is this course for?

Students who wish to further develop their skills to communicate meaningfully with people across cultures. Students reflect on their own attitudes, beliefs, and values, and develop an understanding of how culture and identity are expressed through language. Enrollment is subject to eligibility criteria set by the SACE Board (contact OAC for details).

What will I learn

You are expected to develop and apply your linguistic and intercultural knowledge, understanding, and skills to:

  1. interact with others in Chinese in interpersonal situations
  2. create texts in Chinese for specific audiences, purposes, and contexts
  3. analyse texts that are in Chinese to interpret meaning.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to attend an exam revision seminar in term 4.

  • The Personal World
  • The German-speaking Communities

How will I be assessed?

School Assessment - 70%

  • Assessment Type 1: Interaction - 30%
  • Assessment Type 2: Text Production - 20%
  • Assessment Type 3: Text Analysis - 20%

External Assessment - 30%

  • Assessment Type 4: Examination - 30%

    The oral examination takes approximately 10 minutes and has two sections:

    • Section 1: Oral Presentation and Discussion (approximately 5 minutes)
    • Section 2: Conversation (approximately 5 minutes)

    The 2½-hour written examination, plus 10 minutes reading time, has three sections:

    • Section I: Listening
    • Section II: Reading
    • Section III: Writing in German

Pre requisite

Successful completion of Stage 1 German Beginners



Last updated: 09 August 2018