Dayna's Image Manipulation


In the elective course Image Manipulation, Dayna has been able to further develop her skills in Adobe Photoshop. Throughout the course, Dayna has created artworks using a range of skills including layering, blend modes, adjustments, filters, using the selection tools and warping pixels.

Dayna creates digital artworks that are inspired by modern popular culture, but are also based on her own personal interests.

In this article you will see some of Dayna’s artworks from the ‘Mini Planet’ project, and the ‘Abstract Portrait’ project.

- Beth Schmidt, teacher

‘I have really enjoyed Image Manipulation. I was never very good at art and drawing but Photoshop has opened up a whole new way of being creative. It can be a bit tricky learning the tools, but once you know, you can just let your imagination run wild.’ - Dayna

Last updated: 15 September 2022