Little People Project

Street party

In Year 9/10 Image Manipulation, students have been working on ‘The Mini People Project’ which utilises Photography and Adobe Photoshop skills such as layer management, lasso tools, scaling, blend modes, shadowing, photo montaging and special effects. This concept was inspired by the artist ‘Slinkachu’ and his work with miniature installations and photography, where he encourages city dwellers to become more aware of their surroundings.

The student run project makes comment on the little things in society and culture that sometimes go unnoticed. Students have been blending their own imagery, with outsourced imagery to create ‘Miniature Scenes’ that represent life in the city, suburbia and in the country.

Students have created scenes based on themes such as politics, love, taboo, street life, social life, and pop culture. They have also created scenes that are purely ‘playful’. These scenes are not intended to be deep and meaningful…but will bring smiles to audience members faces!

We hope you enjoy the selection of digitally manipulated artworks from our ‘Mini People Project’.

Beth Schmidt

By Dayna - 'Let's Play'
By Dayna - "Street Party"
Isabella - "Peace of Mind"
By Dayna - "Lend a Hand"
By Georja
By Georja

Last updated: 20 January 2023