Visit to Adelaide Magistrate Court an insightful experience

Adelaide Magistrates Court

Year 9/10 Legal Eagle students visited Adelaide Magistrate Court & District Court

Year 9 student Amelia reports:

On Tuesday the 3rd of July, it was amazing to get away from my computer screen and finally meet my teacher and peers in person.

Naturally I was nervous to attend the excursion, but the nerves were definitely worth it. It was an amazing experience to watch how court cases work. You see them on TV or written about, but that doesn’t compare to watching it happen in person.

We all met at the Adelaide Magistrates Court. After going through security, Ben (teacher Ben Richardson) gave us a small tour before we were allowed to enter the courtroom and take our seats.

Personally, I found how many cases were adjourned surprising, along with the amount of people who did not have legal representatives with them. Initially I thought court cases in the Magistrates Court would be a lot longer, only to find out they were quite short with many being adjourned.

After witnessing a few court cases, we then walked across to the Adelaide District Court, where we were allowed to watch a court case involving the possession of drugs. Before our excursion ended we got to watch an investigation that had been recorded for evidence.

I’m thankful that Ben organized for our class to watch different court cases in the different courts. That way we got to personally see the difference between the courts and cases. Overall I thought the experience was amazing and worth attending.

Yr.9/10 Legal Eagle is a Citizenship & Civics elective for students interested in learning about the legal system taught this semester by Ben Richardson.

Last updated: 23 July 2018