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On the 4th of July, all year 10 science classes joined together for an in person science practical day. The day started off getting to know each other a bit better, with would you rather games and a get to know me cube.

After having a small recess break, we got straight into spending the time in the science labs at the mardencampus. This included the students themselves conducting the science practicals, observing experiments and writing scientific observations and reports.

The first experiments were conducted by the teachers first;

Combustion reactions –

Igniting butane gas in a container

  • Filling the balloon with hydrogen gas and igniting it – explodes with a big fireball and a bang

Elephant Toothpaste

  1. Carbon Snake

Then the students had some fun conducting 4 experiments including;

  1. Precipitation – Footy colors – mixing liquids to form a solid and changing colors
  2. Flame testing – Chemistry Detectives –colors of flames for different metals – detecting metal ions in secret solutions

Then a lunch break and hanging out with some of the classmates out of the classroom environment and exploring the campus.

Finishing off with the last two experiments;

  1. Iodine Clock - Two colorless liquids are mixed together and after a few moments the mixture turns a dark blue color.
  2. Making Slime

Some comments from the year 10’s themselves;

“My favorite part was the science experiments. Finding it really fun!”- Arleyah

“I really enjoyed meeting classmates and new people. And the science experiments were really fun. And would happily go to another come in day.” - Kizzy

“I really enjoyed the whole day, getting to meet and see people in person. But personally I liked the iodine clock experiment the most, it was just really fun.” - Kirra

Last updated: 26 August 2022