LevelStage 1
Learning AreaHASS
SemesterSemester 2
Pre-requisitenone required
Additional CostsNone
SACE Credits10

Who is this course for?

Students interested in exploring the role and use of financial information in decision making for individuals and small businesses and the wider role of Accounting within society.

The course provides a sound basis for students wishing to study Stage 2 Accounting. It is also useful for students seeking employment in the business field. No background knowledge is assumed.

What will I learn?

You will learn about the role of accounting in business contexts and the foundational understandings of accounting and how local and global perspectives influence accounting activities. In this course you will also learn how to apply the foundational understandings to create accounting information and the importance of this information in decision making.

You will study the following topics:

  • Understanding Accounting
  • Understanding Financial Sustainability

Within each of the above their will be a focus on:

Financial Literacy

Stakeholder Information and Decision-making


How will I be assessed?

You will demonstrate evidence of your learning through the following assessment types:

  • Assessment Type 1: Accounting Skills Tasks
  • Assessment Type 2: Accounting Inquiry


none required



Last updated: 16 November 2020