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 Semester 2 Enrolments Now Open

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Semester starts Monday 19 July 2021

Open Access College supports students in selecting subjects that link with future aspirations. We offer a wide range of subjects that may not otherwise be available students but will be valuable additions to their learning program.

Options are available for:

Visit the College website Curriculum tab for a full list of subjects offered at:

Priority will be given to enrolments received by Friday 25 June 2021.

Open Access College does not guarantee spaces for any late enrolments.

Information on how to enrol at Open Access College is available at:


Your enquiries are welcome:

Curriculum enquiries: Paul Hennessy
Telephone: 8309 3584 | Email: [email protected]

General enquires: Ben Bersten
Telephone: 8309 3583 | Email: [email protected]

Last updated: 12 July 2021